Cold Storm to Bring Snow, Rain and a Freeze to California

2015 a year of many unusual thing to be witness


By Alex Sosnowski – AccuWeather

A storm and cold air forecast to develop at the end of 2014 and linger into the start of 2015 will deliver snow, rain and a frost or freeze to portions of California.

The coldest air of the winter months so far will settle over California during the middle and latter part of this week.

At the same time, a storm will form nearby and bring snow and slippery travel to the passes and high deserts of California.

While temperatures are not forecast to drop to record-low territory for much of the state, the air will get cold enough long enough to bring a frost and freeze to the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, as well as part of the central coast of California.

Record lows over much of the area range from the upper teens to the middle 20s during the end of December…

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Deconstruct and decolonize your mind

Daily Knowledge

Your thoughts are not your own. Many of your most private, most personal thoughts are not actually yours at all.

Think about it, you are no more the creator of your mind than you are of your body Though you can influence your body’s shape and vitality and functioning through the ways you use it, you didn’t create it. It was given to you to by birth and biology.

Your mind is the same way. It started off unimaginably plastic and pliable, until the community you grew up in installed a cultural operating system, one built on top of countless layers of previous, historical operating systems. The kinds of thoughts you now think, and the kinds of thoughts you can’t even imagine thinking, are a function of how your mind has been colonized.

You can reclaim your mind. You can take it back. It’s been colonized for so long, however…

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Six Kinds of Currency That Might Emerge after the Collapse


File:Spice 4 bg 010104.jpg

By Joshua Krause – Ready Nutrition

Among preppers there is a common argument between those who buy gold and those who don’t. On the one hand, gold has been used as money for thousands of years. It wouldn’t be a stretch of logic to assume that if our current monetary system falls apart, something like gold might pick up the slack.

But on the other hand, gold by itself can’t help you survive. “You can’t eat gold” is a common saying on the other side of the debate, and I can’t disagree.

I would argue though, that it depends on how severe the collapse is. If we’re talking about an economic collapse, I believe gold will become very valuable. After the Greek economy contracted several years ago, gold was being sold on the streets of Athens for more than double its spot price.

However, if we’re facing a truly devastating…

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flight QZ8501 might have been swallowed by the Java sea

Indeed or men made inside job.

Daily Knowledge

The missing AirAsia jet carrying 162 people could be at the bottom of the sea after it was
presumed to have crashed off the Indonesian coast, an official said on Monday, as countries around Asia sent ships and planes to help in the search.

The Indonesia AirAsia plane, an Airbus A320-200,disappeared after its pilot failed to get permission to fly higher to avoid bad weather during a flight from the Indonesian
city of Surabaya to Singapore on Sunday.

Flight QZ8501 did not issue a distress signal and disappeared over the Java Sea five minutes after requesting the change of course, which was refused because of heavy
air traffic, officials said.
“Based on our coordinates, we expect it is in the sea, so for now (we think) it is on the sea floor,” Soelistyo, head of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency, told reporters when asked about the missing plane’s likely…

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