Deconstruct and decolonize your mind

Daily Knowledge

Your thoughts are not your own. Many of your most private, most personal thoughts are not actually yours at all.

Think about it, you are no more the creator of your mind than you are of your body Though you can influence your body’s shape and vitality and functioning through the ways you use it, you didn’t create it. It was given to you to by birth and biology.

Your mind is the same way. It started off unimaginably plastic and pliable, until the community you grew up in installed a cultural operating system, one built on top of countless layers of previous, historical operating systems. The kinds of thoughts you now think, and the kinds of thoughts you can’t even imagine thinking, are a function of how your mind has been colonized.

You can reclaim your mind. You can take it back. It’s been colonized for so long, however…

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