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Gematria ops 

The stablishment of control and correction this is one of the files WikiLeaks capture las month 

The work play  you don’t  understand.

How to Protect Yourself as We Approach the Limits of the Internet

The Survival Place Blog – Staff Writer  The Internet. As boundless and infinite as space. Or is it? Though spending time online has become one of America’s favorite past times — nearly 75 percent of U.S. homes have Internet access, according to the U.S. Census Bureau — it has also become the backbone of countless businesses, […]


Sacred geometry

One the best secret,  how this world function and humans how live in an illusion man made world.

Ones people open there eyes can really see reality.

In the meantime humans are living in a world full of illusion and materialism. In order to really understand who we’re we have to know the meaning if love and self consciousnesses ones you get there it’s much easy to see the real you.

It’s simple after that, 2nd step is to learn the energies around us and quantum physics basicknowledge, you need to understand vibration and how everything is multidimensionality.

The meaning in our on reality is within you.


Published on Feb 17, 2016 Activist and talk radio host Libbe Halevy, from Nuclear Hotseat.com joins me for an update on the never ending Fukushima nightmare. The unabated radiation that continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean from the crippled Tepco plants is likely the chief contributor to the massive sea life die offs we’ve […]


Your Digital Footprints From Today And Their Future Consequences



By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

We live in a modern society which for the most part operates on electronic services. You may not give it much thought, but nearly everything you do in this modern age leaves digital footprints behind – most of which are stored and saved – perhaps ‘forever’.

Right now, YOUR name is no doubt on many lists, in many places, with all sorts of information and profiles about YOU.

You might not be too concerned about it, and that is understandable given the normalcy of today’s electronic commerce, communications, and the surveillance state we live in. We’re getting used to it. We have been conditioned to accept it. What you don’t know however is HOW the information will be utilized in the FUTURE. Our personal and ‘private’ data (digital footprints) is collected, saved, and sold – even to the government.

While you may feel…

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